Standalone cluster appears when monitoring logstash with 27 pipeines ELK 7.12

I have upgraded to 7.12, and then dutifully setup metricbeats for monitoring ES, Kibana and logstash

Its a simple setup, with one instance of logstash, however in the monitoring page I see my cluster and a "standalone cluster", it only shows logstash when to goto the overview.

However unlike some other posts on this, my logstash instance shows up in both "clusters", and to make things stranger out of the 27 pipelines we have defined in the pipelines.yml 15 of them are reflected in "standalone cluster" and 12 in the actual cluster, if I stop the logstash processes the "standalone cluster" and the logstash entry in my actual cluster disappear, so it doesn't appear to be two instances running.

Any insight, I am sure the solution is probably something silly but I am not sure where to go from here, we dont use any other beats on the servers.

This is the status in the actual cluster:

And this is the status in the "standalone cluster":

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