Storage sinze index of a policy

Hi, I'm new to ELKstack and I'm trying to get from an Index Lifecycle Policies "logstash-pro" all the indexes that are in it, and also about this to return me the space occupied by each index.

For example, I use the statement:

GET _ilm/policy/logstash-pro

To obtain all the indexes of that sentence, but it doesn't tell me how much space occupies each one of them, for that I have obtained it using:

GET /_cat/indices/logstash-pro-oracle-*?h=index,docs.count,store.size

But it is possible that not all indexes
"logstash-pro-oracle-*" belong to the policy "logstash-pro"-

How can I get all this information in one statement using the kibana dev tools?

Could you help me. Thank you very much.

I am in version 7.17 and I am testing more sentences like:

GET _ilm/policy/logstash-pro/indices/_search?q=*&h=index,store.size

But it always returns errors.

This endpoint does not exist, check the documentiaton.

You can use only GET _ilm/policy to return information about all policies or GET _ilm/policy/<policy_id> to get information about a specific policy.

This is not possiblet, there is no endpoint that would return it.

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