Storing and visualising 'attendance' data

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Hi all, hope somebody can help.

I'd like to store and visualise 'attendance' data so I record a timestamp of when people enter/leave a building and can then visualise a count of people currently inside and with the ability to filter on further information to profile the attendees.

Can anybody suggest a way that this can be queried in Elasticsearch and visualised in Kibana?

Example attendance data:

AttendeeID : 1
Gender : Male
Age : 44
Home GeoIP : ...
Entered : 19/10/2018 10:01
Left : 19/10/2018 10:43

AttendeeID : 2
Gender : Male
Age : 24
Home GeoIP : ...
Entered : 19/10/2018 09:50
Left :

AttendeeID : 3
Gender : Female
Age : 38
Home GeoIP : ...
Entered : 19/10/2018 09:47
Left : 19/10/2018 10:36

and the ability to show count of those in who have been in attendance within the interval, altering interval to 'per 10 minutes', 'per hour', 'per day' etc.

Any advice/guidance greatly appreciated - there may be a simple answer but I can't get my head around it.



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Sure. I'd suggest creating a filter where Left doesn't exist (unless you're storing it as something like null, in which case you'd filter where it's null). Then you could create a data table visualization and split rows on whatever other information you're wanting to profile on. Does this make sense?

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Sorry, not sure I follow. I believe that if I filter on 'Left' doesn't exist then it would still only show within the interval in which the document was indexed or timestamp applies, not subsequent buckets until they have left?

I've found this article but not having any luck trying to convert to Painless at the moment: -

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