Storing long fields in ELK


I have few very large fields, in order of few MB's. When i query for something on that index i used to get "length of the field crossed max allowed for highlighting". To work around this problem, i started indexing those very long fields with 'index_options: offset' as suggested by error message.

Now i started getting, request time out error (which is currently set to 90000) on Kibana discover tab. All this happening even when i'm not querying that large fields. Although all queries seem to work fine on console ('dev-tools' tab of Kibana)

So what's the proper way to store those very long fields such that i don't hit timeout error?


The discover app loads full documents and deserialising very large documents can be very slow. Why are your documents so large?

Thanks for you response.

We are storing some part of the console log which we find very useful. We would like to have it around. I think we are okay with our queries being a bit slow, but right now, the queries are throwing the above described error. Hope I'm clear.

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