Strange request for logstash index in Elasticsearch



I am getting this strange error at the Elasticsearch Console.
in my set up: (LS: 2.1.1 , ES: 2.1.1, KB: 4.3.1)
Logstash does not create an index called logstash
Elasticsearch does not have an index called logstash
as verified by _cat/indices?v
Kibana does not have an index called logstash and the default index is set to something else in the defaultIndex in Advanced Setting.

Why is this happening?

[2016-03-02 15:03:43,034][INFO ][node                     ] [_node_1] started
[2016-03-02 15:03:43,175][INFO ][gateway                  ] [_node_1] recovered [3] indices into cluster_state

[2016-03-02 15:04:30,316][INFO ][rest.suppressed          ] /logstash-*/_mapping/field/* Params: {ignore_unavailable=false, allow_no_indice
s=false, index=logstash-*, include_defaults=true, fields=*, _=1456949070306}
[logstash-*] IndexNotFoundException[no such index]

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This is probably happening because loading up kibana's settings page opens the "create new index pattern" screen by default. This page defaults the pattern text to logstash-* and executes a request to load the mapping for index if it exists. In your case, the index doesn't exist and elasticsearch is letting you know. It's probably as simple as that :slight_smile:


Hi @spalger
Yes. It happens when clicking on settings, as you described.
I would not worry about it then.
Thank you for the quick reply.

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