Strigo lab ended before start virtual classroom

I was taking on-demand class "Vega Visualizations in Kibana" , but I could not start a virtual classroom even though after "Setting Up Your Lab".
Now, I click "Lab" button and the new tab will show up saying "This course has ended". In addition, I can't force to log out on this page.

Could you start the lab again, please?

Hello @m-amano ,

Thanks for taking our on-demand class, and sorry for your inconvenience.
I will send an email for further conversations.

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Thank you for your instruction, I could reach to the lab again.
But I still have a problem starting a virtual classroom.
I have no idea to show my lab UI look like below.

Glad to know that you can access the lab environment.

To go back to the virtual class content, please go to and click My Account link at the right top corner. Then you can see the classes you are taking. By selecting 'Completed' at the Filter Results: pull down, I think you can find the Vega class you were taking. Then click Review E-Learning and restart the class to access the on-demand text.

In order to see Lab instruction, click the gear icon in the Lab environment, copy the public DNS and paste it to the new web browser tab. Then you should see something like this:

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your help. I could reach the page you've posted. I clicked "Virtual Classroom User Guide" and I have stuck with "Click on the "My Lab" button" below.

I tried to click "My Lab" left on the top of the lab. But I think this doesn't look like a button. I wonder if I'm doing the right thing.

Hi @m-amano

You don't have to worry about the 'Click on the "My Lab" button' instruction. The screenshot was taken from a different instructor-led course to go to the lab environment, but since you're in on-demand and already inside the lab environment, you can skip the step.

I see. But where can I contact to the instructor if I have a question?

You don't have any instructor in on-demand courses. But you can still ask questions in this forum.

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