Strigo lab error in ElasticSearch Observability Engineer ondemand class lab 1.2

The next command

docker stop petclinic-client

in Lab 1.2 ( #20) (Elastic Observability Engineer) doesn’t work with error “-bash: docker: command not found”. None of docker commands work. Docker is either not installed or not visible to current user

Can you let me know what the command prompt looks like for the terminal window you're attempting this command in?

here it is. So we SSH into elasticsearch as per instructions, so docker should be installed there. I think, this instruction misses to exit SSH, cause if we do so, it will return us to host , where docker is installed, and command is able to stop petclinic-client container

Try opening a new terminal window, don't ssh anywhere, and run the docker command from the prompt reading "elastic@ip-172-31-33-148".

yes, it works. I found it was mentioned in desc above #20, but since it's important part to make it work and we rarely open new tabs, I suggest to make it bold somehow, so we may not miss it later

I'll open a ticket to fix this.

thank you. I understand it was primary my fault not carefully reading. I usually skim through text, especially comments, may be others do the same

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