Support of AWS (S3, EC2, ELB, Billing, etc.) in Apache Open source elasticsearch

Hi Team,
Could you please explain more on AWS (S3, EC2, ELB, Billing, etc.) as a data source not supported in Open source license version of elasticsearch mentioned in this page.

What I wanted to know is will we be able to ingest data from an ec2 machine using ES python clients to a self managed elasticsearch cluster which has an Open source elasticsearch service installed

@Stephy_Jacob yes, you can still ingest AWS data into OSS Elasticsearch. The AWS modules for Beats (like this one for Filebeat) are what is licensed. However, they're licensed at the Basic level, which is free forever.

The Beats modules are pretty handy in that they do all the collection, parsing, data mapping, indexing, and even build visualizations and dashboards. If you don't have a restriction for OSS-only, I'd give them a whirl.

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