Switching from platinum to basic


Unfortunately our elastic license is going to expired and not going to be extended.
Right now i am using some features that is using license such as anomaly detection, SAML authentication and centralized pipeline.

Below is what i am currently doing:

  • move centralized pipeline to local logstash pipeline
  • back up my anomaly detection and datafeed ( in case we need it later )
  • enable basic auth in kibana and create local user

what are other things that i need to consider in this situation ?

i am having some transform job running, ILM, Ingest pipeline , and also HTTP transport security enabled.

  xpack.security.transport.ssl.enabled: "true"

will i need to disable transport security as well if i don't have license ?


No, this works on basic license.

Transforms, ILM and ingest pipeline also works with basic license.

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Thank you Leandro.

Do you see anything else i should consider for my scenario ?


There is a little more documentation on what happens / check list ... interesting I don't see this in the new 8.4 but here it is from the 7.17 docs.

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Thank you all, I have switched to basic license 2 days ago.

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