Switching policies for an index


Is there any documentation on switching ilm policies for 7.10.0. I could find only for other versions like here: Switching policies for an index | Elasticsearch Guide [7.4] | Elastic

My question is:
Can I switch ILM policy for an index in version 7.10.0 changing only the lifecycling name like below?

PUT my_index/_settings
  "lifecycle.name": "my_other_policy"


While this will work, I would say that you should follow the new recommended approach, which is to remove the current policy before setting a new one.

Check the documentation for the last version.

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I checked that and I wanted to verify it!

Thank you @leandrojmp!


Hey @leandrojmp !

We are using datastreams in our elastic. We have one template which have all the datastreams.
I want to change the policy of specific datastream.

I tried to remove the policy from a datastream and then add the new one but I have ILM errors:

Index lifecycle error
exception: Concurrent modification of alias [datastream-i-want-to-change-policy-ds] during rollover

How can I solve that?


I do not use datastreams or rollover, but you have this information in the same documentation link.

Do not manually apply a policy that uses the rollover action. Policies that use rollover must be applied by the index template. Otherwise, the policy is not carried forward when the rollover action creates a new index.

I'm not sure it will be possible to do what you want manually.

To solve the errors I removed the ILM policy from all the indices, recreate the policy and applied the new policy to the latest index.
Now the rollover works correctly with the data ingestion.

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