Synchronize Vega colors with other visualisations

Hello there!

I'm facing a problem with a Kibana Dashboard including a Vega Senkey visualisation (Originated from the popular blog entry Sankey Visualization with Vega in Kibana 6.2 | Elastic Blog). The dashboard also includes some other Lens visualisations.

So far so good, but the users of this dashboard "complain" that the colors of the Senkey Chart do not match the colors of the other visualisations including the same elements.

Is there a way to synchronize Vega and Lens Colors?

Ok, I think my problem is elsewhere. I understand that Kibana already deploys a Color Scheme in Vega named "elastic" which I guess is the default Color Scheme.

Problem is that this Vega Sankey Chart kind of messes with the sorting of the results of the query, so perhaps my problem is somewhat more fundamental.

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