Synthetics Alerting Rule Not Triggering OpsGenie Connector

I am having issues with synthetics alerting rules not triggering an OpsGenie connector, even though other (non-synthetics) rules using the same connector trigger it as expected.

I am able to successfully test the connector and see what I expect to see, and if I also attach an SMTP Email Connector to the rule, it triggers as expected. However the OpsGenie connector does not.

Also - this is not consistent. I was able to fiddle with it and set it to successfully (and consistently) trigger the OpsGenie connector from synthetics in one workspace. But a different connector to a different OpsGenie channel in a different workspace is not working for synthetics, but is still working for non-synthetics. As far as I can tell, they're configured identically, including the message template I've put in the alert for each.

Hi @DougR,

Is this happening on an Elastic Cloud hosted deployment? If that's the case, I'd encourage you to open a support case through Elastic Support Hub.

If this is for a self-hosted deployment, have you tried looking at Alerting logs for inidicative errors?

This is in the cloud, so I will do exactly that. However, I'll still take a look at the alerting logs. Where do I find them, as I'm not seeing anything?

I submitted a ticket, and about 10 minutes later I resolved the issue on my own.

When configuring the connector, under "Advanced," there is a "Notes" field. It appears that OpsGenie populates the Description field in the alert from the Notes field in the Elastic UI, not from the Description field. Without something in this notes field, it appears that OpsGenie will signal a success back to Kibana, while silently dropping the alert (it doesn't even appear in the Debug log in OpsGenie).

I resolve the issue by copying my alert template into both the Description field and the Notes field.