Synthetics - Separate Alerts for Monitors

This might be obvious, but I can't seem to find the answer. We are considering using Synthetics instead of Uptime in Observability.
I have set up the Elastic Agent Integration for Synthetics, and we have it up and running, as well as our original Heartbeat.
The biggest thing to migrate over is creating alerts, separate alerts for separate monitors.

For example, In Heartbeat, you can create a Uptime Monitor Rule/Alert and specify which monitor to alert on.
So far, Synthetics has only one default rule running for all monitors.

I was wondering if there's a way to create separate synthetic alerts.


Hi @erikg,

Synthetics provides two generic default alerting rules which have limited parameters, but it's still possible to define custom ones over the same data source with custom queries. Alerting docs should be able to guide on setting those up.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks @emilioalvap,
I will try this, but doesn't it feel like there should be a better way to utilize Uptime Monitor Rules to allow Synthetics to utilize it? It has the exact same capabilities I would need for an uptime synthetics alert for specific monitors. Seems like more work to build a custom query to check availability and status when there's already a rule for that.

You can use uptime alerts on synthetics data as well. You just need to add synthetic-* pattern in uptime setting indices pattern.

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Thank you @shahzad31 !
This is what I been looking for!!

I did notice now my synthetics data is showing up in Uptime Monitors which explains how it is able to now use the Uptime Monitor Rules. I wonder if Uptime will eventually go away? It feels like two of the same (Uptime and Synthetics)

@erikg it won't be going anywhere since it's a GA feature.

Though it's less prominent now and we are making it less visible.

Hopefully we can bring synthetics app to uptime feature parity on alerting and you won't have to use uptime.

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