System Integration dashboard somehow broken

I completely uninstalled and reinstalled the integration and it didnt help (as it is caused by the aggregation in the dashboard).

My Dashbaord visualization is like this:

There are some missing values (I do use the default metric scraping periods, but the visualization cannot handle it properly).

I could fix this by cloning the dashboard and editing the visualization in this way:
When I set reduced time range from 10s to 30s the latest values are displayed at least (maybe not correctly but at least displayed). Maybe the filter for setting value must exist does not work properly.

This could be caused, when metrics are scraped every 10 seconds but due to load and network issues are not ingested every 10 seconds.

This needs some investigation.

Indeed it would be fine, if editing managed dashboards would be at least possible for administrators to fix some visualizations for their specific deployments.

Also the value color is not correct when looking at the cpu metrics.