System integration navigation visuals use all the wrong URLs / IDs?


I have linked a "System" integration to a Windows hosted agent policy, this looks to have instaleld some dashboards akin to what Winlogbeat does. However, the navigation visuals ("Dashboard links [Windows System Security]" and "Dashboard links - Simple [Windows System Security]") are using the wrong URLs, producing the following such errors when anything is clicked:

Could not locate that dashboard (id: windows-035846a0-a249-11e9-a422-d144027429da)

I don't know if this is a bug or me doing something silly. The dashboard that particular cut was supposed to go to was system-bae11b00-9bfc-11ea-87e4-49f31ec44891. I already have Winlogbeat's dashboard installed, maybe that caused it?

Does anyone else have this?
Everything is version 7.14.0

I will manually replace all the URLs for both, but we have another two seperate networks to install this on, if this is another fleet bug i'll just wait. :stuck_out_tongue:


This looks like a bug in the system package. Could you file an issue in Issues · elastic/integrations · GitHub about this?

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Was scared to raise a bug report in case it was actually me being an idiot.


If anyone comes here from Google, fix is incoming.

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