Taking the snapshot of elasticDB

Is there a way to quiesce the elasticDB, before taking any snapshots at storage level?


it's Elasticsearch, not DB :slight_smile:

Can you explain what you want to achieve that is not possible with the Snapshot/Restore API - which works perfectly fine while indexing and searching at the same time?


Okay! Thanks for help

Just trying to find out the way for taking the storage level snapshot using kubernetes volume-snapshot feature in Elasticsearch, like in mysql before taking the storage level snapshot we have to flush the table and take the read lock.

I don't recommend using anything other than snapshot/restore for taking snapshots. It is hard to get right in a distributed system (flush everything, disable indexing, ensure no merges happen before taking the snapshot) to trigger such a storage level snapshot, which was the reason to come up with snapshot/restore in the first place.


Okay! Thanks @spinscale :slightly_smiling_face:

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