Temperature in Celsius shown in negative

I want to show a temperature of each device , I used metrics and the number shown but in negative !

Hi @fay,

Can you share the type of the field you are using for temperature and show the visualisation configuration?

I figure it out it become negative because its come in practice (25.2 C)
So I Change the metrice format to (aa.a) so it shown as 25.2 correctly
But I have another issue if you can help
How can I add a C after the number to represent Celsios ? In metric format
Because I tried (aa.a)C but still didn’t work

Hi @fay,

what version of the stack are you using?

I think a regular number format in Lens Metric can be used in combination with the suffix to achieve the expected result:

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Hi Marco

Yes this is work in Visualization but I’m currently working in Canvas and its not showing the Suffix section at all
So I decide to select custom format but still can’t figure it out

It is not possible to have a static text as prefix/suffix in Canvas.

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