Temporarily change the display time zone for searches in kibana

We have kibana setup to display timestamp in local time (+1200/1300). Occasionally we need to send search result to external parties on other time zone. When doing this I like to have the timestamps in UTC -- everyone knows how to convert UTC to their own timezone. Many of us have problem converting between arbitrary timezone. Some tools barf on +1300!

I would like to be able to get the results displayed or exported in UTC for a specific query.

Is this possible without setting up a separate space. The problems with separate space is that we need to duplicate a heap of dashboards : (. I have also looked at changing the time zone in the browser (chrome) but while possible it is a pain in the proverbial.

In security circles it is standard to use UTC when sharing data.

Seems the ideal solution would be to use Spaces with shared dashboards but that project is still in development you can check a meta issue here.

The other solution you mention is about doing that in the browser. I haven't tried them but seems there are extensions for both chrome and firefox. Aren't they working for you?

If any of this wolk for you I'd suggest to open a feature request at the Kibana repository for better discussion with the dev team.