The kibana 7.9 upgrade to 7.11 what will be effect on docker-compose , python 3

I am planning to upgrade my kibana v 7.9 to v 7.11 just worried about that glibc 2.12 is removed from kibana 7.11 will it effect if my project is build using python 3

i am new to ELK can anyone guide me .

If you're using the official docker images for Kibana then the glibc removal shouldn't affect you.

hello @rudolf if i have modified the docker image according to my requirement , In that case will it effect in critical way or i can still withstand .

Because you've got a custom setup I cannot really give direct advise.

This will only affect you if you're using an older operating system which doesn't have a newer version of glibc for example CentOS 6. The best way to confirm is just to try to build and run your images, it will either fail or succeed.

Thanks @rudolf I am using linux so i may not face this issue , Hope so

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