The Name "Elastic-Stack"

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i couldn't find a proper topic for my question.

When does the name ELK-Stack change into Elastic-Stack?

Is the new name "Elastic-Stack" for the new Release Version 5.0 and ELK-Stack for the actual System with several Versions?

Does it make sense to change the ELK- into Elastic-Stack in the title of a actual Thesis?

Thanks for your help.

ELK-Stack comprises of ElasticSearch,Logstach,Kibana with the new versions we have these tools along with Beats, Shield, X-pack, so now all the tools will be aligned tested and released together so we do not have any version problem and so are named as Elastic-Stack.

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Do you mean the version 5.0 or the current versions, too?

Starting with version 5.0 and for upcoming versions.

So, i can say, if i use Logstash v2.4, Elasticsearch v2.4 and Kibana v4.x, it's the ELK-Stack?

And from version 5 its called Elastic-StacK?

Or is the official Name of the current operating versions already the Elastic-Stack?

It's important for the Title of a Project.

Just use Elastic Stack.