The problem with a custom translation file

Sources Kibana 7.6.2
Kibana 7.6.2

Hi there! I started localization for RU. I did everything according to the instructions.
On the develop server: generated the en translation file, imported it.
On the working server:

  1. Changed kibana.yml >> i18n.locale: "ru-RU"
  2. in the root .i18nrc. json declared the existence of the file > > "translations": ["x-pack/plugins/translation/translations/ru-RU.json"]
  3. Added the file to >> x-pack/plugins/translations/translations/ru-RU.json
  4. I taught ikebana Started with the current settings

@Vlad_Piratov Can you see any errors? or the file is just completely ignored? Could you make sure that ru-RU.json doesn't contain any metadata for translators? it should look like "key": "value", not "key: { "text":..., "comment": ... }

"translations": ["x-pack/plugins/translation/translations/ru-RU.json"]

should be "translations": ["x-pack/plugins/translations/translations/ru-RU.json"]

The file is ignored. And there are no mistakes

Could you check:

When I change the ru-RU file.json on zh-CH.json, then everything works

What are your thoughts? :slight_smile:

trying to reproduce locally. In the meantime - I don't see ru-RU.json is present in the translations/ folder. Are you sure Kibana loads it ?

I wrote the path in .i18nrc. json & x-pack/.i18nrc.json
The screenshot showed:

Ok. It looks like the problem that Kibana doesn't declare ru-RU locale here as suggested in Локализация Кибаны
You can use any other known locale de-DE, for example, but it is going to include language rules (such as a plural form, ie) of this language. You could send a PR extending language set in Kibana with the Russian language. Or extend the set and build Kibana locally.

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When I started the 'yarn run' project from the sources, everything was displayed correctly...

But I will try to do as you write and may actually have to compile the project from 0...

Thx u very big :slight_smile:

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