This version of Kibana (v8.4.0) is incompatible

Hi, i forked kibana 8.2 from repo and installed on my ubuntu 22.04 LTS.
When I try to run kibana with "yarn start" it gives error written below.

I tried to upgrade my elastic from 8.2 to 8.4 but couldn't find it.

What's wrong did I do here?

[2022-06-17T19:01:47.476+03:00][ERROR][Elasticsearch-service] This version of Kibana (v8.4.0) is incompatible with the following Elasticsearch nodes in your cluster: v8.2.3 @ (

The versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana needs to be the same.

Also, the last stable version is 8.2.3, 8.4.X is still in development.

Hi, thanks for your answer. I know versions must be matched. My problem is I forked and installed the app which is GitHub - elastic/kibana at 8.2 from the repo.
When I installed it with yarn, it says Kibana version is (v8.4.0)

Hi @Emir_Sener !
If you want to have 8.2 version, please checkout 8.2 branch or v8.2.x tag.
With the current main branch, it will work as 8.4.