Timefilter in Canvas does not visually refresh with the newly searched criteria

i have a Canvas with Markdowns, for each markdown have certain query which is used to fetch and show the result (some number) as the content in the markdown.

i added a timeFilter with default to 'Last 24 Hours' and results are showing fine.

When running the canvas in full screen mode and if i change the timeFilter value (selecting from commonly used section from the left dropdown) to e.g. 'Last 7 Days', results in the markdown are shown correctly with updated query filter but my timeFilter visually still shows 'Last 24 Hours'.

if i refresh the page then timeFilter is showing correct value i.e 'Last 7 Days'

for some reason when changing the time range in timeFilter is applied correctly to all the components in the page but visually it is not updating and showing in the timefilter it self.

i am using latest 7.10.0. ( i have also experience ths problem with 7.8 earlier).

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