Canvas Time filter not refreshing

The Time filter element refreshes only some of the time. Increasing the end time generally works on change, decreasing end time generally doesn't. Page refresh doesn't help, strangely, toggling edit or full screen does.

It would also be better to include the Refresh button from Discover for consistency of user experience.

Hello Gavin,

Can you please explain this? Screenshots would help and I will ping the team to get some help.


Actually, it seems to be a bit worse than I first thought.

When I select the end time and move it to an hour later, it appears to release the filters completely.

When I drop out of the time filter the required time filter does not apply.
Screenshot 2020-10-20 at 15.45.36

Refresh makes no difference to the time filter being applied. Toggling the edit mode does apply the filter and sometimes switching to full screen likewise applies the time filter.

Hey there,

What version of Kibana are you currently seeing this issue?

7.9.2 in hosted environment

Alright, thanks for the info!

It definitely looks like a bug. There's an open issue here in the kibana github if you want to track it:

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