Timefilter refresh issues on Chromium and edge browsers

We use Canvas dashboards on Kibana 7.9.1 and use time filters to retrieve data for different time period. We have been using Chrome browsers, but recently found that time filters and browsers are not editable on Chrome versions 92.x and above.
As a workaround, we have started using Chromium and Edge browsers to access Kibana ,where timefilter and drowdowns are working.

However have noticed a new issue, where the timefilters are not getting updated, when changed. For example, I added a timeFilter with default to 'Last 24 Hours' and results are showing fine.

If i change the timeFilter value to 'Last 7 Days', results in the canvas are updated however my timeFilter visually still shows 'Last 24 Hours'.

If i refresh the page then timeFilter and canvas go back to 'Last 24 Hours' and shows the 24 hrs query results in Canvas.

This behaviour is particular to only Chromium and Edge browsers, please advise solution to this.

@susmeeta This seems to be somewhat related to a known bug. The issue was resolved and rolled out as a part of 7.10.1 and 7.11. Is there a chance you could upgrade your stack?

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