Timelion Graph keeps on changing on every 'play'

(Harsh Kabra) #1


I am using Timelion in Kibana 5.0.0 - the one which is there by default.

I am able to plot fraction of two counts by


But after every 'play' button clicked, the plot changes.

Please guide me.

(Lukas Olson) #2

Are you getting new results in your time range each time you hit "play"? This could explain why the plot changes each time.

(Harsh Kabra) #3

Hi Lukas,

So timeline series (ie value in X axis doesnt change) but the Y values (value of my ration between two counts) changes on every play.

(Harsh Kabra) #4

The only thing is that the ratio is of unique counts of queries.

(system) #5

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