Timelion: Help for plotting calculated MovingAverage


I am exploring timelion vis so as to plot a movingaverage graph for my example below:
Log file:(Plane-ID and corresponding Timestamp are stored in ElasticSearch)

Jan 30,14:49:56.785 INFO Plane 1A landed
Jan 30,14:49:57.099 INFO Plane 2B landed
Jan 30,14:49:57.368 INFO Plane 2C landed
Jan 30,14:49:57.620 INFO Plane 2D landed
Jan 30,14:49:57.900 INFO Plane 5X landed
Jan 30,14:49:58.267 INFO Plane 6G landed

I need moving average for every 3rd flight that lands.

y-axis : [3 / (Timestamp(2C) - Timestamp(1A)), 3 / (Timestamp(2D) - Timestamp(2B)), 3 / (Timestamp(5X) - Timestamp(2C))]

I tried this:


But seems like it gives some other plot (may be 3 seconds or minutes, I'm not sure)

1.How can I achieve this graph?
2.Is timelion the right choice or it is not suitable in this case, any better suggestions?
3.Can X axis be something other than timestamp (ex: difference between time at which the first flight landed and the current flight)

Can somebody help please, stuck at this place from long time without solution. Thanks.


@Ruthu_Ramya Timelion uses Elasticsearch to aggregate/bucket the information based on the interval highlighted below before applying the moving average calculation

If you're wanting to perform the moving average on the individual data-points, I'm afraid this isn't going to give you your desired results. Additionally, the calculation that you're looking for doesn't appear to be a moving average.

Timelion is specifically for timeseries data, so unfortunately there isn't a way to change the x-axis to something else.

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