Timelion - How to fill gaps when no data is available on timeseries

Hi !

I have an issue about timeseries on Timelion, I currently have a timeserie like this below:

However I wanted to fill gaps between those data, like Kibana already do (even if this is not as readable as in timelion):

I know that an if statement like .if(eq, null, 0) could be a solution, however I want a continuity between the previous and next data (like Kibana's do).

Could you help me about ?

Hi there, I don't think you can currently configure Timelion to do this. Could you open an issue for adding this as a feature, with these images that you've shared? https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues


I opened one on:

Problem solved ! You just have to apply the .fit() method (see on Issue #182 on Github)


Awesome! Thanks toshi!

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