Timelion: How to fill no data with the last value

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Our build system (Jenkins) sends all its data to Elasticsearch, which is fronted by Kibana.

I'm trying to build a simple timeline graph of our build system showing when the build is Green (healthy) or Red (broken). Here is a mock-up of what I'm aiming for:

I've been able to get most of the way there with the following Timelion code (timeframe=last 4 hours, scale=1m). The problem is that minutes that have no data are left blank. I need them to 'fill' with the last value.

.es(index=builds*, timefield='startTime',q='jobName:"myBuild" && status:"FAILURE"')
.es(index=builds*, timefield='startTime', q='jobName:"myBuild" && status:"SUCCESS"')

As I understand it, the .fit() function should do what I need, but no matter which value I use for it, the graph does not change. It seems I can also use .if(), but I'm unable to figure out how to make it grab the last value for the series.

Here's what the graph I current have looks like. Any help filling in this whitespace would be great!

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Bump: Hoping there's a Timelion guru around here!

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