[Timelion]Stop showing line if no data is available


I'm using timelion to draw a graph of signal strength. Data is gathered at 5m intervals. The query below works but the problem is that when data stops coming in, the last value if used to continue drawing a line even when no new data is available. The line will only disappear when the selected time range has no data at all.

I've tried the various fit options but no luck. Not using fit works good on e.g. 12 hour intervals, but on shorter intervals, e.g. 3 hours, it shows no data at all despite elastic having data available. Not using .fit() and instead setting the interval to 5 minutes (which works) isn't an option because it will create too many buckets on longer time ranges.

.es(index='test-*',metric='max:signal').fit(carry).yaxis(2, tickDecimals=1).label('Signal strength')

Is there any way to graph at 5 minute intervals but still show gaps in the graph if there is no data?

Does the auto interval work for you without fit?

Without fit timelion only shows data when the time range is 12 hours or more so that doesn't work for me.

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