[timelion] - I cannot select all of my indexes

I have a number of indexes of data that I can select in other visualisation.

But when I try to select or query them in timelion using index=blah I cannot select them all.

Why would I not be able to access all indexes in this visualisation?

it looks like I can only access 25 indexes - is this number configurable or a fixed thing?

Out of curiosity, what version are you on?

You can use a pattern here. How are you going about selecting multiple indices?


I have something like 40 kibana index patterns setup.
and been trying to select them using index=[kibana_index_pattern_name].

the Timelion UI only gives 25 options in the auto prompt as you type index=. manually typing another index pattern name doesn't work.
sods law the index pattern that I want to use doesn't appear in the first 25!

can you elaborate on your pattern idea please @tylersmalley - is it something different to what I've tried? thanks Tyler

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