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Hi Everyone!
I am using ELK over release 7.5 and noticed on previous versions I could add 2 indexes ( such as filebeat-, metricbeat- and others) at Discover App to performe search and filters. Now I see a button "Change" to we click over it and select the desired (ONLY ONE) index pattern . Any other option/config or was restricted by any reason ?
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You mean you could select multiple index patterns at once? or is just 1 index pattern available you can select when you click on change? Which version did you use before?

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Thanks Matthias!
I am using version 7.5.0. and I can't select multiple index patterns at once ( only one ).
I remember I saw in any Kibana webinar an Expert demonstrating 2 index ( filebeat-, metricbeat- ) to perform a Query.
Below some pics.
Thanks, Mauricio

I don't think that was possible, which version of Kibana was demonstrated?
you could create an index pattern like


if you want to query both


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