How to select multiple new index patterns in Kiban

How to efficiently add or select multiple new index patterns in Kibana? I need to incorporate over 90 + directory logs into the Kibana dashboard. Manually adding the index pattern for each of them is time-consuming. Is there an alternative method to quickly view and add all new indexes in Kibana?


Yes, there is a way to add multiple index patterns at once in Kibana. You can use wildcard (*) in the index pattern to match multiple indices.

For example, if your logs are stored in indices with names like "log-directory1", "log-directory2", "log-directory3", and so on, you can create a single index pattern "log-*" to match all these indices.

However, please note that all indices matched by a single index pattern should have the same mapping. If the mappings are different, you might encounter issues when visualizing the data in Kibana.

If your indices have different mappings, you might need to create separate index patterns for each group of indices that share the same mapping. In this case, you can still use wildcards to match multiple indices within each group.

Thank you so much for your time on the task and solution :slight_smile:

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