Timelion inconsistent information

Hey Guys,

Pretty new to ELK.
I am trying to use Timelion to visualise historical trends since December and this is searching multiple indices totalling around 600gb, however searches never complete first time. It takes maybe 5-6 retries before it obtains the correct information, with the 3rd-5th retries getting partial information.

I have already increased the Kibana timeout (elasticsearch.requestTimeout: 600000). Just wondering whether there is anything else I can do to get the information first time? I am wondering whether it is my hardware/infrastructure or am I doing something wrong

My setup is 3 master nodes, 4 data nodes (4CPUs, 24GB RAM). These are VMs running on a NFS share in RAID 6.


Hi and welcome to our community

When you look into the Browser's dev tools, which kind of responses do you get when it's not completeted? which version of the Elasticstack are you using? What's kind of storage? Is it shared storage? So 4 data nodes share 1 storage?

Sounds like your cluster has performance issues with thie kind of query.


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