Timelion kibana='false' option is not working?

I have a very obvious need: computing a ratio between 2 time series.
What I want is that kibana filters (of my dahsboard) only apply on one of the 2 series.

I did the following simple test :
es(index='myindex', q='_type:myDocType', timefield='myDateField', kibana='false')
Then I added some filters in my dahsboard. Each time filters have an effect on my timelion chart...
I tried different syntaxes: kibana='False', kibana=false... no change.

Can anyone help me? Is this feature really implemented? (currenly running Kibana 4,6,2)
Thanks in advance

I did the test with 5.3.2 stack, and that's the same.
Changing kibana flag does not have any impact :frowning:

Can anyone help me? Is this feature really implemented?

I just tried this in a 6.0.0 pre-release, and I see the same thing. It's likely a bug in Timelion. I encourage you to open an issue with the information you posted here in the Kibana repo at Issues · elastic/kibana · GitHub.

false should be all lower case and not be quoted, though the OP says they tried that. I just double checked and it seems to behave as expected. As you can see, the chart in the top right does not change.

Yeah, sure enough, it's working for me as well. Apparently I set it up wrong originally, I forgot to add kibana=false :frowning:

Here, the TImelion graph on the top lacks the setting, the bottom one is set, and you can see it does not react to the query that is applied.

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Yes kibana=false is the right syntax :slight_smile:
I reached the same conclusion yesterday but too late to post it
Many thanks for your help.

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