Timelion not displaying data (yearly index)

(Vincent Maury) #1

Hi there,
I'm trying to use timelion to display data from an index "opencancer-colon" having 5k+ fields, 80k+ docs, and timestamp is a "year" field.
Whatever I try, I only get a line at 0:

However, in simple line chart, it does render wel...

Do you have any explanation?
Thanks a lot in advance for your support,

(Nick Peihl) #2

Does it work if you add a timefield=year parameter to your es expression?

e.g. .es(q=*,index=opencancer-colon,metric=avg:incidence,timefield=year).scale_interval(1y)

(Vincent Maury) #3

Yes it worked!! many thanks Nick
Weird I had to specify it (as i only have 1 time field)...

(system) #4

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