Timelion raw data scatterplot

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On the Kibana product page I saw very nice examples of timelion graphing moving averages over what appears to be a scatterplot of the raw data points used to produce the average in question (see the earthquake depth and magnitude graphs there).

How can I replicate this? What is the metric used to obtain the raw data?


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Here is a quick example I put together using logstash data.

Is this what you were looking for? We have some good videos on our blog which goes over more features, as well as the search bar in Timelion provides useful feedback to the options available.

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Hi Tyler,

Thanks for responding. No, this isn't exactly what I need. The principle is the same, but instead of plotting the count of events in the logstash index as you are doing, I want to plot the values of some numeric field (such as presumably the earthquake magnitude and depth fields are in the examples that I referenced).

In fact, this is the difficulty I encountered - using the values of a numeric field, instead an aggregation such as count or average. If you look at the legends of the earthquake graphs, they seem to be using 'raw' values.


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