Timelion split() auto creates yaxis()


Thanks in advance for the time you would take to read this post
I was wondering if there is a way to create yaxis() automatically
For example, split(value:5) would make more sense on 5 different yaxis

I'm currently applying a filter on 'value=xxx' and copying it 5 times with different yaxis()... not cool at all. (Another example where creating functions with timelion would be lovely by the way)


Hi @GitsBdr,

If I'm understanding correctly, you're asking about ways to remove all of the duplication when filtering on specific values?

Right now we don't have a great solution for that in timelion that I'm aware of, though support for variables is something that has come up before, so you may be interested in checking out that issue, or reading the original issue from awhile back.

Is this the functionality you are looking for?

Hi @lukeelmers ,

Thanks for your reply

I was asking about a way to auto create yaxis based on the limit set up in the split function with timelion
If I split a metric by 5, I'll get 5 lines for example in my timelion but they might be populated by totally difference values, so I may need different yaxis to read those 5 lines
I hope I'm clear enough haha

Thanks again

Ah, yes unfortunately I don't believe we have a way to do that either, at the moment it requires duplicating with filters as you've done above, so that you can call each of the yaxis() functions explicitly

I see,
Is there any improvement coming soon about it or either about creating function with timelion ? I saw couple of topic/issue opened about it

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