Diferent value on Y axis depending on time interval


I'm doing some experiments on Timelion and there is a behaviour that I don't understand. If I select the time interval in AUTO I see :

So the Y axis has a limit at 20000.

Instead if I select 1m I see:

Now the Y axis has a limit of 4000.

Finally if I select 1h I see:

Now the Y axis has a limit of 250000.

The query is always the same: .es(index=aggregat*)

I also did the same exercise on a Line chart Visualization and happen the same.

With auto:

An now with minutes selected:

I have 4 data nodes, so I suspect something is different when you retrive data in auto or when you select the time interval.

I'm using version 5.0.2

Or maybe I'm doing something wrong...

Any idea ?



Hey Xavi,

So what you're seeing is the granularity of your X axis interval expanding, and thereby capturing more documents. As is captures more documents, of course the count value for that bucket goes up.

In Timelion, if you'd like to keep your Y axis fixed as you change your time interval, just append .scale_interval(1s) to your query. You could also put in 1h, 1w, etc to change the Y axis scale.

Please let me know if this helps.


Hi CJ,

You really saved my day.

It works for me.

Many thanks


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