Timestamp in Kibana not in order

(Br14nb0) #1

I don't understand why I see this problem

(Tim Sullivan) #2

It's hard to say for sure with such little context.

Looks like you're in the Discover app, and presumably are showing other fields from _source as columns. Are one of those columns sorted? It would have a little downward pointing triangle next to the column header to indicate it's the field sorted on.


There also could be some other timestamp field from another index pattern stuck in the browser memory, if you're toggling between different index patterns that have different timestamp fields. Try clicking the New button in the header to force the app to refresh for the index pattern you're on.

Let us know if you figure it out!


(Br14nb0) #3

I didn't figure it out. I just solved it by sorting timestamp column. Because I remembered when I used Kibana show Discover tag with a new index I didn't need to sort anything, probably its defaults. Thanks for your help

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