Timestamp not as expected in kibana


I would like to see the indexed @timestamp value as i correctly see it in the kibana graph.

So i woud like to see 7:30:29:772 instead of 4:30:29:772.

As it can be seen from the image i am loosing 1+2=3 hours totally.

While epoch converter for the specific value provides the following info:

The timestamp pattern in my gelflogger appender is the following:

and my kibana date and time settings are as below:

What am i doing wrong?

In order to provide more info about the issue i use kibana verion 7.6.

If we change the value of the image bellow to the hour of our country (Greece or Switzerland for example ) problem is solved. Nevertheless, the browser option should work for each country as well.
That leads to the conclusion that something is not ok with the kibana browser setting since it can not take the browser time setting. How can we solve that so it works with the browser setting correctly?

Which version are you running specifically? In 7.6.0 there is a bug which causes Kibana to run in UTC when using the "Browser" timezone - it is fixed in 7.6.1: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/57457

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