To expand the list of the values for a field beyond the 5 limitation



To add a filter from the Fields list:

  1. Click the name of the field you want to filter on. This displays the top five values for that field

I want to filter based on all possible values in a field.
Currently, it shows only the top five values.


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If you want to query based on all possible values for a field, then you don't need a filter for that field.

If you want to view all possible values for a field from the Discover tab, after click on the field name in the side bar, click on the Visualize button below the top 5.

Once you've made it to the visualize page, set the size to 0. That should display a chart with all possible values for that field.

But it may be better to list something like this in a Data Table visualization.

Hi @stormpython
Thank you for sharing the visuals.
I want to expand the list for generating filters (that appear in the Quick Count box) not to visualize the values. I don't want to type the values, and have typos. An easy way to make filters.

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I want to increase this list of filters beyond the 5 limit to include all values.

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