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I want to put toggle in line graph, there are 16 lines in one graph and it is hard to visualize the data at a time. Is there any functionality through which I can toggle the visibility of lines. I am using Kiabana 7.4.2

Thanks in advance.

There are a few historical questions about the same thing. I'll quote the reply from one of them here:

You can do this already using filters, simply click on the value in the legend and then click on the magnifying glass with the minus ( - ) in it. Filtering out the value will cause the y-axis scale to resize.

If there's some other kind of interaction you'd like to see, I encourage you to open an issue on the repo .

I hope that helps

Could you please share one sample request for my reference. I have been thorough the historical questions but did not find magnifying glass with minus sign.
Thanks in advance

Here's a screen shot from Kibana 7.4.2 using the flights sample data:

Please see the screenshot, I do not see such option

That is strange. Can you try changing the label position to be on the top rather than the right? Are you using the oss distribution by any chance?

I tried by changing label position to top but still don't find it. I am not sure what oss distribution is. Could you please let me know what it is and how to check.

Thanks for your quick responses.

Judging from the labels in your screenshot, those are not different series split by a terms agg or something like that, but different metrics based on the same bucket aggregations. In this case the trick with clicking the minus sign doesn't work.

You should be able to do this using TSVB though - configure your chart there using multiple series, then on dashboard you can hide individual series by clicking the label in the legend:

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@nisargtest1 Here are two references on using the Time Series Visual Builder (TSVB):


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