Too many lines in Line Chart

Hi There,
i have crated a line chart visualization.
In this visualization i use date histogram for x axis and count of a value for y axis. The visualization is ok but i have too many different counts. Kibana is showing me too many lines in the chart. Is it possible to show only the top 5 counts?

Hi there, for a date histogram you can change the "Interval" value for your bucket aggregation to change the number of buckets (bars). Here's how switching from an interval of "Minutes" to "Hours" reduces the number of bars in an example chart:

I can also choose a custom interval to more precisely define how many bars should show up. In this example, I've chosen a custom interval of 6h. Dividing my 24 hour time period by this interval results in 5 bars.

Hope this helps,

Hi cj,

thank for your response.
I found another way of doing it. Maybe this will be a help if someone searches for it :slight_smile:

I have craeted a timelion visualization and set a limit.

.es(q='', split=hops.keyword:5, metric=avg:size)

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