Tooltip Time Series Kibana


I am using Kibana 7.1.1 in Dark Mode for Time Series Vizualizations.
I regret that when hovering a curve :

  • The tooltip does not show the data for all curves of the graph but only the one hovered.
    (Motor temperature only showing when I would like to see both red and yellow value in the tooltip)

  • When having several vizualisation sharing the same timestamp, that would be super nice to have the tooltip shared across all viz, not just the red vertical line. Here is what I would love to see

As a mitigation step, I plotted the tooltip value in the legend but this is not satisfactory for most users.

I am quite new to Kibana and I maybe missed something to achieve this result.
If not, is this possible to integrate this feature on the roadmap?

Thank you for your help,


You should open an enhancement request for this in the Kibana Github repo.

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