Top 50 Fields based on per second average count

Hi All, I'm trying to create a visualization on kibana for top 50 entries of a certain field based on it's average count per second, but not able to achieve the same yet. Have tried it to shocase as table

It is hard to understand what you want to achieve.

Could you provide more details? Ideally if you could find an equivalent example using any of the Kibana sample datasets (Flights, Logs, eCommerce) that would help a lot to try to help you find a solution.

Hi @jsanz , The scenario is as i've a field client id which is present in each distinct log entry that we have & what we want to achieve is to have top 50 values of client ids listed based on their average count per second along with count value. I'm preffering to show it as table visualization but haven't been able to do so yet.any other visualization will be fine as well as long as it fullfills our requirement.

Maybe a time series chart with TSVB would work for you?

Example using metricbeat data, presenting the dataset at 1 minute interval and grouping the count by the event.dataset field for the last 15 minutes.

Panel options to select the data view and interval:

Data metrics to select count and group by:

Format settings:

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