Tracking the lifecycle (creations, modifications) of visualizations and dashboards



I am wondering if it is possible to change the way Kibana stores all the visualizations and dashboards? basically, I want to know when and who the visualizations and dashboards get created, as well as when they get modified. And for the 'who', we are using SearchGuard so I should be able to get the current user's name.
the question is: is it possible to make kibana stores extra information in the .kibana index?

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This would require coding this behavior in your own fork of Kibana at the moment. It does not support auditing of edits as you want. You might also put in a request for enhancement at the Kibana github repo.


Thank you for your quick response!

(Nanda Koothrappahli) #4

When you already have Search Guard in place you can use the auditlog to track changes to the .kibana index.


This is super helpful! Thank you soooo much, Nanda!

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