Auditing Kibana

Hi All,
Please help me how can I do an audit index about the following evens:

  • User creation
  • Login
  • Logout
  • User change
  • User Role creation
  • User Role modificatiomn
  • Pipeline modification
  • Data export
  • Data import
  • Index creation
  • Index pattern creation
  • Index modification
  • Index pattern modification
  • Space creation
  • Space modification
  • Saved Search creation
  • Saved Search modification
  • Visualization creation
  • Visualization modification
  • Dashboard creation
  • Dashboard modification
    Thanks in advance.


You can add .kibana as one your index patterns and explore it in discover. I am not sure if you can find everything in your list. But it definitely will go a long way.

Please note you need to toggle include system indices in indexpatterns to find .kibana:



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