Transition state graph

Hi all,
I try to create a state transition graph in timelion.
I read so much documentation but I don't arrive to apply example on my context.

My applications can have a different states : Init Starting, Running , Fail ....
my data are :
T App state

T0 AAAA Initial
T0 BBBB Initial
T1 AAAA Starting
T2 BBBB Starting
T3 AAAA Running
T4 BBBB Running
T5 AAAA Fail

I would like to have a timeline like

i don't think thats possible with timelion, but maybe @rashid has a better idea ?

Nope, not possible.

If timelion can not, is there another solution ? a visualization ?

@pli Take a look at Vega for Kibana. Vega lets you create arbitrary visualizations from arbitrary queries.

Here are some resources to help you get started:

Here's an example of a timeline visualization in Vega:

To implement the above example in Kibana, you would replace data.values with data.url as explained in the above blog posts. You would need to supply a query that aggregates your data by the different states you listed.


Thank you Dave for your tips,
I spent 4 days with vega .... it's very powerfull, but too much tricky for me :slight_smile:

My problems comes from the data.
in my dataset, I don't have the timestamp for the end of the state. ( for AAA it starts at T0 and ends at T1 ) .
All example I read ( like timeline exemple ) , have a begin and a end field in the source.

I don't know how the create a such query. is it possible to create it in ES? or in vega script by a transform function


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