Translation EUI in kibana plugin

Hello! I am created plugin with translations ru-RU. I want to translate the core.euiSuperUpdateButton.refreshButtonLabel, but i translate only in kibana Discover and not in my plugin. The EuiSuperDatePicker translating only in kibana, but not in my plugin.

How can i solve this? Thanks!

I am using Kibana 7.10.2

HI @kirienko.m ,

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I suggest you to check this discuss topic to find links to translation guide and better understand the process.

Since you are working on external plugin I suggest checking [external plugin development] and see if you do it the right way (External plugin development | Kibana Guide [7.10] | Elastic)

Regards, Dmitry

Thanks for answer!

I understand how to translate a simple text, and i got it.

But I want to translate the refresh button in SuperDatePicker. I try to add:
"core.euiSuperUpdateButton.refreshButtonLabel": "REFFFF"

And i get translated text in Kibana Discover:

But inside my plugin context i have default message in SuperDatePicker:

Several more questions to clarify:

Does changing translations for other labels work both in main Kibana and your custom plugin?
Can you confirm that you follow the latest developer guideline for external plugin development? You can check examples here

Do you follow the localization guide for external plugin?

Hope it helps.

Regards, Dmitry

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